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“Effective marketing is about delivering a unique and valuable sales offer to the right person at the right time.”

Master the World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing changes fast. If you are a business owner, you have to make a decision: hire an expert, hire an agency or do it yourself.  No matter what you decide, you need to understand how things work so you can manage your team effectively and your budget profitably.

A Guide to Digital Marketing that Works

We teach you everything you need to know to get the highest return on investment from your digital marketing efforts.

Basic Digital Marketing Topics

  • Channel Overview: What online channels matter most and why
  • Online Accounts: What every business needs to setup and manage
  • Online Tools: Which tools are best for your business
  • The Bottom Line: Conversions and how to measure your ROI by channel
  • WordPress: Why most websites run on this platform
  • Content Marketing: Customer segmentation and the power of great content
  • Keyword Research: How to do it and how to use it
  • SEO: The Google rules – what works now and what doesn’t
  • The Sales Offer: The key ingredient to everything
  • Landing Pages: What great landing pages do best
  • Email: Newsletters versus marketing automation
  • Google AdWords: How it works and how to maximize ROI
  • Remarketing Ads: The biggest bang for your buck
  • Social Media: What’s worth your time and what might be optional
  • Google Analytics: Reports you should review each month
  • Fing Freelancers: 99 Designs, Fiverr, Upwork
  • Networking: Person to person connections

Advanced Digital Marketing Topics

  • Online Tools: What tools the pros use
  • The Bottom Line: Conversions and how to measure your ROI by channel
  • Plugins: The best plugins to manage your website
  • Local SEO: How to optimize your site and win
  • Quality Inbound Links: How to get the right links
  • Drip Marketing: Leveraging email to automate communications
  • Facebook Ads: How they work and how to stand out
  • Other Social Ad Channels: YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Bing Ads: How to copy what’s working in AdWords
  • Influencer Marketing: How to connect and collaborate
  • YouTube: How to dominate and get followers
  • Website Conversion: How to continuously improve your results
  • Reporting: What dashboards to create and KPIs to measure
  • Rituals: What to do annually, quarterly, monthly and weekly
  • Business Owners: Questions to ask and things to watch

Learning Objectives

  • Create a roadmap to get your digital marketing act together
  • Find out the secrets to making digital marketing really work
  • Ensure that every dime you spend on marketing is money well spent
  • Learn about all the online channels and which ones really work
  • Develop a system for building a great content marketing platform
  • Discover the best sites to learn more about SEO, PPC, and social media


  • Our Favorite Tools
  • 30 Checklists to Manage Everything

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